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United States
i dont post much but i wold if i could do digital art or had a tablet.
im currently into
snk/attack on titan
shipping me and my friends laptops
pokemon (no gen 5-6)
anything fantasy
elfen lied
soul eater (manga)

things i was really into but im not really into any more but still enjoy
full metal alchemist

my friend real life bro :iconbloodycookiegirl:
my matesprit :iconsomberinsomniac:
my sister :iconrainbowpandacupcake:
this bro of mine :icon0ctorock:

 01) [ ] You own tools that you use regularly
02) [ ] You carry a wallet
03) [X] You prefer movies or shows where there is more action than romance
04) [X] You spit on the ground when not in a building.
05) [X] You scratch where it itches when it itches
06) [X] Your idea of good footwear is boots or tough tennis.
07) [ ] Your wardrobe only changes if you gain weight or the clothes fall apart.
08) [X] You don't count calories when eating.
09) [ ] You have deodorant strong enough to make you socially acceptable, but not strong enough to make you smell like it.
10) [X] You tend to wipe your hands on your clothes instead of a napkin.

Total So Far: 6

Do you love:
11) [X] Video games
12) [ ] Working on mechanical items.
13) [ ] Building things
14) [x] Working out on gym machines
15) [X] Getting in and out of stores as quickly as possible
16) [ ] Football
17) [ ] Baseball (
18) [ ] Wrestling (
19) [ ] Boxing/ MMA
20) [x] Hunting and/or fishing

Total So Far: 10

Do you shop at:
21) [ ] Home Depot
22) [ ] Lowe's (its cheap)
23) [ ] Big and Tall men's stores (???)
24) [ ] Hunting and Fishing supply shops
25) [ ] Auto supply stores or other mechanic shops
26) [X] Hobby shops
27) [ ]Comic book stores
28) [ ] Sports supply stores
29) [X] Video game stores
30) [X] Electronic supply stores

Total So Far: 13

Do you say:
31) [X] Son
32) [X] I can fix it
33) [X] Man-up
34) [ ] When I was your age
35) [X] Don't be a wuss.
36) [X] It's just a scratch.
37) [X] Take it like a man.
38) [x] That's not how you do it.
39) [X] Shit
40) [] Here's your

Total So Far: 21

Do you read:
41) [x] Playboy (I'm sayig watching my dad play the game counts)
42) [ ] Sports Illustrated
43) [X] Comic books
44) [ ] Men's Health, Fitness, and/or Journal

Total So Far: 23

Have you:
45) [] NEVER crossdressed for any reason
46) [] NEVER cried during or after a film/television show.
47) [ ] NEVER chose wine over beer/liquor at a party.
48) [ ] NEVER attended a baby shower.
49) [ ] NEVER said no to going to a strip club when you could afford it. 
50) [ ] NEVER shaved/removed your body hair.

Total: 23

Multiply your total by 2 and then you have your percent:  24 * 2 = 48%
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Sims3 music
  • Reading: the stuff I jsut typed

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